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We'll Always Remember - Where Were You 9/11/01?

I can not believe that it's been a decade since 9/11 happened; my how time flies.  

I was a junior in high school and remember my mother waking me up for school and saying that something was happening in New York.  They were talking about the first plane hitting and I just thought something minor had occured so I left her watching the news as always and went to brush my teeth, shower, etc and get ready for school.  Then she was horrified and telling me about the second planes and we were transfixed to the news.

I still went to school and we all really should have just had the day off because no one got any work done.  Televisions were turned to the news and we were all watching the events unfold.  

The most stand out memory was going to my Spanish class and finding my teacher crying and freaking out because her father was a pilot and on the East coast that day and she couldn't get in touch with him.  We were all hugging her and waiting by the red classroom phone so that we could find out what happened and thankfully her mom called to say that he was okay and not on any of the flights.  

It was an intense day of news watching, crying, and being transfixed by the stories.  We'll always remember....

What are your 9/11 memories?  Did you know anyone directly effected by the events?  Were you in NYC? 

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