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Ugh, What a B#?*%!!! - Retail Associates from Hell

Earlier this week we shared some of our stories of customers that drove us INSANE (those of us who work in retail) and how to NOT be a pain in the ass customer.  Today's post is from the other side of the coin because we have ALL been a customer at some point.  Generally I haven't had that many bad experiences with store clerks and just go about my day, but oh boy, when they are in bitchy mode it can jack up a whole day!

Nothing annoys me more than a sales clerk who acts like they are God's gift to the world and completely above helping me or ya know, doing their job.  When I went to school in Miami, the snobs at Dadeland Mall Macy's were always getting on my last nerve.  They'd ignore you, look down at you, and just generally make sure that you depart with NONE of your money. Why would I pay to have them shun me? I guess they assumed since I was from the University that I wouldn't be paying the big bucks or more likely because I'm black (let's be honest, there is some major racial stereotyping and hate down there) so I would get some truly shitty service.  I don't think that I ever purchased one thing from that darn Macy's in 4.5 years down there (Sephora was discovered instead and we've had a long lusty love affair ever since).  

Then there's the chick from Macy's (gotdamn it Macy's, get your associates together!) in New York Times Square that I mentioned in the comments on the previous post.  Oh boy, what a jacked experience that was.  First of all, I went in to get my makeup done for the Diana Ross concert while I was out in NYC that I talked about here. When I get there they shuffle me upstairs to a different smaller MAC counter than the main floor...okay, more intimate, that's fine.  I sit in the chair and ask the lady is she familiar with the Twiggy/Diana Ross 60s look.  *blank stare* My friend (fellow blogger Laura of So Far, So Chic) and I are staring at the girl, wondering why she doesn't know her makeup references.  I mean, I didn't ask for a random 1932 look, I asked for an iconic look.  I think that makeup artists should know the Marilyn Monroe and Twiggy looks if nothing else because they were copied for a long long time and are still iconic looks.  

Anyway, she couldn't figure out what that meant, so we told her but she seemed terrified of her own shadow so we said never mind and went back downstairs to get it done.  Queen Bitchy (that's what I'm going to call her) is now introduced into the story because I have to ask 3 people who work there can I get my makeup done and they keep running around and basically ignoring me until some guy points to Queen Bitchy and says that she'll do it.  Gee thanks, so glad that someone can take the time out of their busy lives and help a customer out (mind you, i'm buying products, not just trying to get a look out of them and run out the door).  So I tell her the same thing, iconic Twiggy look *blank stare*.  My friend is rolling her eyes so hard that I figure she can see her brain, I <3 her.  In her posh British accent she explains the light lid, dark socket, big lashes look that I am going for because I'm too busy giggling at her exasperation.  I think that she was more annoyed than even I was!  QB nods and is looking around like she can't possibly be bothered and then goes and takes her sweeeet time gathering some stuff together.  I'm busy relaxing and chatting with Laura when she comes back and starts to work on my makeup and then Laura is staring at me funny.  The makeup that the woman puts on is NOTHING like what we explained, it's a smoky eye with some lime green on the corners and on the lower lash line. What part of that says the Twiggy look above?  QB shoves a mirror at me, sighing for the upteenth time and I just balk at the look but I have NO time for a redo as I need to be on a train to the other side of NYC to make it to the concert on time.


Does this look like the Twiggy image above?  Me thinks not, Twiggy/Diana Ross fail....I should have just done it myself, did a way better job at getting what I WANTED when I did my own makeup as Diana for the 28 days series.

The girl was short with us, wouldn't communicate, clearly acted like she didn't want to be there or bothered.  I think she gave poor Laura post traumatic stress disorder, she goes into random hilarious tirades about her at various opportunities lol.

Those were my main stories of retail clerk fail, what are some of yours?  


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    Ugh, What a B#?*%!!! - Retail Associates from Hell - Socialite Dreams Blog - Socialite Dreams
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    Ugh, What a B#?*%!!! - Retail Associates from Hell - Socialite Dreams Blog - Socialite Dreams

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