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The Essentials - How To Feel Fabulously Sexy 

Every woman has an inner bombshell if she wants to bring it out.  Playing the coquettish role every once in a while is not only fun, but an exciting way to thrill your lover.  Feminine charms go a long way in not only snagging a prized alpha man, but must be maintained in keeping him too.  Cultivate an air of mystery to keep him intrigued, feel empowered with your sexuality, create standards of flawlessness for yourself.  

Of course, feeling fabulously sexy is in itself quite a treat.  There's a rush that tingles through you in commanding the attention and eyes of all in a room.  What made me even think about this was the power that Marilyn Monroe had over men in "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes", which I watched on Saturday. There was just a LIGHT that she gave out and sensuality oozed from her pores.  Who wouldn't want to feel that empowered?

Here's the top 5 items that I feel every woman should have in her Feeling Fabulously Sexy arsenal:

1. A great push up bra!  Rounded, high sitting décolletage is sexy, youthful, and looks good in all clothing.  

Even in a t-shirt and jeans, a push up bra just makes you feel like you can turn heads!  They are literally my favorite item of clothing and always a welcome addition to my wardrobe.  Get fitted properly so that you have the right support and wear the correct size (most women aren't the right size at all apparently) and ensure that your cups don't runneth OVER (sure sign of a too small bra, don't need a nipple-gate episode).  From luxury like La Perla to high end department such as Nordstrom to the ever sexy Victoria's Secret on down to regular Walmart bras, there's a large variety of options on style/color/price range for all vixens!



2. The right makeup kit.  Having the right items at your disposal can go a long way to making you look polished, sexy, and beautiful.  A perfect foundation or powder to even out the skin, highlighter to make the light dance on your features and give you a glow, mascara for flirty voluminous lashes, kajal or kohl liner for impeccable smoldering eyes, and of course a richly pigmented red lipstick for lush lips.  

3. F**k Me Pumps.  These are the shoes with the sky high heels, sex appeal for days, and gives you an arch in your back with a sway to your walk.  Every woman needs at least one pair of heels that makes her feel like sex on legs!  

4. As Beyonce so aptly put it, a Freak'um Dress

otherwise known as a dress that looks like someone poured you into it and hugs all of your gorgeous curves perfectly.  There are dresses for every body, just find one that's flattering and emphasizes at least one of your enviable assets.  Let me tell you, there's NO WAY you don't feel like a million bucks in that thing and have everyone flocking.  

5. A warm, sexy signature scent.  The sense of smell is the greatest for triggering memories, so leave him with a lasting impression!  There are so many choices out there and picking the right scent to linger on everyone's minds and instantly think of you when smelled is a great way to create an air of intrigue.


Those are things that I think are essential in any woman's repertoire; what makes you feel fabulously sexy?


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