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Starting Over: What 10 Makeup Items Would Be Restocked First?

THE HORROR!  What would you do if *poof* all of your makeup collection just disappeared off the face of the earth?  Too terrifying to contemplate, am I right?  *shudders*

Over at To Blush or Not To Blush, she had a post showing what her 10 items would be if she had to start over in the event of the nightmarish occasion of all her makeup coming up missing.  I thought it'd be fun to do this as well; here are my top 10 items:

1. Urban Decay BOS III - I Love NYC

This palette brings me great pleasure and has lots of colors that I could use daily.  There's a mix of bright and neutral shades, so the sky's the limit as to what eye looks to create.  It is by far my favorite palette that I own and I'd need this again.

2. NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk

I love using this as a base for my eyeshadow looks, makes the shadows stick and colors pop!  Surely a must have.

3. Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet + Foundation

Airbrushed pretty skin is mine with this wonderful foundation!  I adore it because it blends easily, looks good, and keeps my face looking natural.  

4. Nars Taos Blush

This is my everyday go to blush that I find myself reaching for automatically.  It's a warm rose shade that gives great glow :) Brightens up my face and looks super flattering.

5. Black Radiance Liquid Eyeliner

I use this almost everyday: easy to apply, matte rich finish, comes off without hassle...there's nothing wrong with this liner in the least!  I wish that it came in a glossy finish version but apparently everyone makes matte liquid liners :-/

6. Sleek Face Contour Kit

As an avid fan of contoured cheeks, this kit is fabulous!  Chiseling out some cheekbones is pretty simple with this and it even includes a highlighter so that you can hollow out with the dark and pop with the shimmer tone.  LOVE

7. Red Lipstick

There are sooooo many good red lipsticks out there that I can't even narrow it down but I'd definitely NEED a rich red in my arsenal.  

8. Lancome Definicils Precious Cells Mascara

This darkens and lengthens my lashes nicely, giving them day to day oomph.  A close runner up is Urban Decay's SuperCurl. 

9. L'oreal Colour Juice lipglosses

These smell wonderful, have nice color payoff, and come at a decent price.  I love them!  

10. Sally Hansen Celeb City Nail Polish

This is an absolutely perfect shiny foil silver!  I need SOMETHING on my nails so if my drawer of polishes disappeared, then this one would tide me over as a great polish to rock daily.  Eyecatching, cheap price (like $2.50), and SHINY...what's not to like?  I'd buy this over and over again. 


What would be some items that you MUST replenish if your stash came up missing?

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