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Socialite Adventures - A Day on Rush

Rush Street in Chicago is an awesome area to hang out in with amazing shopping like Prada, Hermes, Sabon, MAC; great food places like Carmine's, Luxbar, Gibsons; and some of the best cars you'll see cruising around the city (does anybody out there drive anything other than a Bentley or Mercedes?  I haven't seen any other type of car)!  

My mom and I decided to head down there today since the weather is PERFECT (approx. 75 degrees with a light breeze) for dinner.  We like to try new restaurants all of the time, so both of us agreed on Hugo's Frog Bar & Fish House since we'd never been there and we'd heard that the food was good. 

Wearing the AWESOME Thank God I'm Natural t-shirt from the lovely Chris-Tia, can be found here: TGIN T-Shirt Blinged Out

The bread came and was some yummy raisin bread with a light sweet taste, so I had high hopes for the rest of the meal because I ate it and don't even LIKE raisins!  


After devouring some of that, I decided on ordering a Lobster Roll (challah bread filled with chunks of lobster, a pink spicy mayo, lettuce, tomatoes) with a sauteed garlic spinach side while Mama went for fried Tilapia sliders with dill tarter sauce and crawfish macaroni.  

The lobster roll was just okay to me.  The lobster chunks were large and plentiful which I can certainly appreciate and the bread is AMAZING, but the sauce was only decent and nothing in each bite excited me like the sauces at Zocalo that I talked about.   I give it a C in taste 

The sauteed spinach was quite yummy, but tastes like every other plate of sauteed spinach with garlic that I've had.  Really can't go too wrong with that, but it was definitely tasty because the garlic wasn't overwhelming.  Solid A for the spinach.

Mom's Tilapia sandwiches were the best thing that we ate at the restaurant, crunchy and fresh tasting.  The dill tarter sauce added some creamy pop to the bite and it was needed with the fried coating and breading.  I give the sandwiches an A.

As soon as this arrived, I said that it looked like Kraft deluxe macaroni.  It wasn't how I expected it to be at all, thinking that it'd be much more high end type macaroni like we've gotten in other restaurants (was that american cheese in there? blech).  The crawfish addition was appealing since we like lobster macaroni but other than that, NOT impressed.  C- 

All in all, we are glad that we tried somewhere new to check it off of the list, but won't be recommending or going back any time soon.  The restaurant was wholly underwhelming since we'd heard good things before.  Oh well, not sure of their taste level lol.  

Verdict?  Not Socialite Approved.

Walking down the street afterwards, I dragged mama into the store to show her the pink princess version of the gorgeous velvet grey/brown/taupe shoes that I purchased in New York.

Wouldn't you know it, they are now ON SALE!!!!  $35 instead of the $50 that I paid for them, so you KNOW I had to get the pink too :D  Soooo happy about that:



Loves 'em!  Velvet is super in this season and everyone gushes over the grey pair that I have, so bringing these beauties out will be fun too!  


While walking, readers, the heavens shone light onto the most welcome, exciting site I've seen in a LONG time!!  What is it you ask?  CUPCAKES!! And not just any cupcakes but THE cupcakes to have: Sprinkles!  Sprinkles is the first cupcake boutique in the world and was originally only in Los Angeles, where I've dined on the sumptuous treats a couple of times.  NOW they have opened a Chicago boutique!!!   If I have any Chicago readers, run don't walk to 50 e. Walton for some Red Velvet cupcakes and the many other flavors :D  Nom Nom Nom!!  Socialite Approved FOR SURE.

Have you ever had Sprinkles cupcakes?  What is your favorite dessert indulgance?  

Okay chicadees, this concludes another socialite adventure!  Until next time, I bid you adieu

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