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Scrubba Dub Dub - Exfoliation 101

Sexy, healthy, glowing skin can be had with an awesome exfoliation regimen!  From the top of your head down to your pretty toes, there are products and recipes ready to get the skin looking and feeling its best.  How often do you exfoliate?  I admit that I'm haphazard with doing it, but I plan to stay on point and do it once a week or so.  Here are some exfoliation tips:

Many don't think to do so, but did you know that you can and should exfoliate your scalp?  It cleanses product build up away, relieves itchiness and flakes, and helps with dry skin.  In order to exfoliate the scalp you can create a mixture of 1 tablespoon brown sugar, 3 tablespoons of conditioner, and 1 table spoon of olive oil.  Mix that together then apply in sections to your wet scalp and massage well with your finger tips.  Follow with shampoo and conditioner!  Mmmm, didn't that feel good?

There are tons of great face scrubs on the market!  They can come in the form of exfoliating gel, creamy scrubs, foaming scrubs.  Those with dry skin definitely benefit from creamy scrubs as they will keep dry flakes at bay and your complexion glowing.  Just be sure to have a rich moisturizer for afterwards!  Gel scrubs are ace for those with oily skin and can clear away debris that may exasperate acne.  What's your favorite face scrub?



Kissable lips are only worthy of a pucker if they aren't chapped and flaking!  Keep them soft by having lip scrubs nearby.  Apply a nourishing lip balm afterwards for an enviable pout.  I personally use the Tarte FRXtion duo that has a sugar scrub on one side and a lip balm on the other.  The packaging is so cute with a pop up mirror!  



However, there are MANY options on the market and I plan on trying the different varieties, probably the Lush one next.  Have you tried any of these?



In the winter time, my hands have a tendency of being very temperamental.  The skin wants to turn different shades, they turn dry and rough all willy nilly, just a nightmare!  This fall and winter, relentless exfoliating and moisturizing will be key!  The Lush system that I talked about in this post: Reach and Touch Somebody's Hand would be perfect for keeping those hands in top notch shape!  

First, she gave us Lemony Flutter cuticle cream to soften our hands and Ocean Salt as a cleanser scrub. I already knew that things would be great because I'm a sucker for citrus smells and it all just seemed rich and decadent!  Hands were covered in product, feeling warm and soft, right up my alley!  We rinsed that all off and applied their amazing Dream Cream which truly is dreamy!  My hands were about as soft as a warm cashmere robe!


Do you have a favorite regimen for keeping your hands soft and pretty?

Body scrubs come in a wide variety of prices and fragrances.  There are tubs of sugar scrub, body washes that also exfoliate, and more!  When using a body scrub, pay extra special attention to the elbows and knees as those areas tend to get rough more easily.



Do you have a favorite body scrub that makes you feel like silk?  I use a tub of Naturally Victoria's Secret and quite like it!  

Last but certainly not least, don't forget your feet!  I know that sometimes we slack on the pedicures as the sandals get put away, but the skin doesn't stop needing attention just because it isn't out daily kicking up sand!  Minty peppermint scrubs tingle and soothe dry, tired feet and are a marvelous way to get your toesies looking and feeling terrific.  



Hopefully this was helpful and you can keep your skin touchably soft this fall and winter!  With it being colder, there are plenty of indoor cuddle activities that will make you oh so glad that you exfoliated!

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