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Purr, Kitty Likes: New Cat Eyed Glasses and Sparkly Nails

I told ya'll about the search that I was on for perfect cat eye glasses and my dear friend Ebay came through for me!  I swear, EVERYTHING is on that site if you weed through enough.  I ended that week with one pair of busted glasses that I wanted to replace and now own 4 pairs, lol.  

First up, the Tom Ford from the previous post were the favorites of everyone and myself but I knew that I couldn't afford them (I think that they are like $400) so imagine my excitement upon finding a pair that looks JUST like them on ebay?  Jackpot!

The original glasses

Prettttty darn close, no?  

Ended up with these beauties too for some sparkle and shine, they'll be more my everyday glasses: 


As well, my brother found some glasses that someone left in his car or dorm room and decided to give them to me.  Wouldn't you know, they are the Dolce and Gabbana frames that I wanted a couple of years ago when I purchased my current pair!  Thanks, serendipity.  

Also bought the cat eye sunglasses to diva it up when the sun decides to shine bright:

Oversized Cat Eye Sunglasses Vintage Style Black K77

Enough about specs, on to the nails!  Have been doing some cute manis lately!  here they are:

Tried out the OPI silver shatter over Zoya Blair (a burgundy color)

Today I just used Zoya Mod Matte in Phoebe (a fun bold blue with a bit of shimmer/sheen) with Ulta Starstruck (sparkly silver/multicolor glitter) on the ring fingers as accent:

LOL, looks like i'm just a hand in the shadows.  Wow

I also have the green from the mod mattes, but Phoebe applies sooo much better.  It's quite gorgeous and one of my favorite polishes at the moment.  

How do you like matte polishes?  I also purchased the Essie Matte About You top coat and it works soooo well over shimmering polishes; turns them into a velvet looking mani.  I'll take some photos of the next coupld that I create with the matte top coat :)  

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