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Korres Quercetin & Oak Antiageing Eye Primer Review

I've been a big fan of Korres for a couple of years; I have nothing but praise for their Honey Thyme moisturizer, lip butters, Milk Proteins Foaming Face Wash, Milk Proteins emulsion, and Quercetin & Oak Antiageing Eye cream.  BeautyStat provided the eye primer for review so I was excited to perhaps add another Korres product to my regimen that I love. 

The packaging isn't my favorite, as it is a primer in a wand and we all know that was a huge gripe against the original Urban Decay Primer Potion.  It can be such a pain to get product out after a use or two because it gets on the sides and is hard to wiggle out.  Tubes, people, TUBES for creamy products!  Let us squeeze it out, please :) 

As for the actual product, it is a smooth, matte primer that can also be used under eyes to combat dark circles, which is why it has a peachy tone that's supposed to conteract the darkness.  I was scared to use for undereye, however, because I am caramel and would probably look like a reverse racoon with that light stuff under there.  I've seen how light products can FAIL on brown girls:

As a primer for shadows, however, it was pretty good!  The texture is silky with a bit of tack to it, which allows the powder shadows to adhere to it well.  That would be it's strong suit to me!  It's a reason that I like the NYX jumbo pencils as a base because they cause the shadows to stick so well. , which is awesome for glitter shadows and ones that fall out some *cough* Urban Decay *cough*. 

It can crease a tiny bit, especially if you have very oily lids.    The stickiness is awesome for making shadows catch on to it (on par with NYX jumbo pencils and MAC paint pots), just wish that they'd do a squeeze tube :)  

Will it make me give up all other bases? No...but it's a great one for those maybe in their early 30s who want the anti-aging properties and for those with fair/medium skintones who want to counteract dark circles since it has the apricot shade that can help in that area.  

It goes for $21 in the full size.    Overall I give it a B+, but it doesn't make me jump for joy like my other Korres products that I mentioned at the beginning of the post :)  

For more information on the KORRES™ products, please visit www.korresusa.com.

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