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Featured Reader - Kendra of Closet Confections

Today we are going to check out the style of Kendra from www.closetconfections.com!  

1. What would you say your personal style is?

I'm definitely a girly girl, and you'll pretty much always see me in heels and a cute dress.  I'm also a corporate gal who still likes to have fun with fashion in the workplace and use it as a way to express my personality.  Keeping these things in mind, I came up with 3 words to capture "my look": feminine, stylish and successful. I recommend that everyone come up with their own 3-word style mantra (keeping in mind that it can, and should, change over time).  It really helps separate the wheat from the chaff in my wardrobe.  For instance, if I'm tempted to make an impulse buy, I just ask myself: "Kendra, does this item make you feel feminine, stylish, and successful?"  If the answer is no, then back on the rack it goes.  

2. Who is your fashion idol, celebrity wise?

I'll let you in on a little secret... I'm totally clueless when it comes to current pop culture.  I have a handful of shows that I watch on Netflix or online, but I haven't watched actual television in a few years. I could bump into a celebrity on the street and have no clue who they are.  In fact, I've done it before!  With that being said, I generally take my fashion cues from the looks I see everyday in New York City and from other fashion bloggers. My current blog crushes are The Glamourai (her accessories are on point!) and MopTop Maven (her style is so funky, and her hair is the bomb!).

3. What brand is your favorite?

I have zero loyalty when it comes to clothing brands, lol. But for shoes and handbags, it's Michael KorsVince Camuto and Faryl Robin. I love the quality of all three designers, and I can always find them at discount retailers and on eBay.  

4. What are three items that you are drooling over right now and want BADLY?

A while back, I saw a friend of mine wearing a pair of Givenchy rubber cowboy boots, and I had been lusting after them ever since.  Last week I broke down and bought a pair on eBay for half the original price, so that urge has been satisfied. The next item on my list is a classic Burberry trench coat. That would be quite the splurge for me, but I have a secret burning desire to be one of the cool kids you see on Art of the Trench. Lastly, I always love it when Target teams up with cool designers for their Go! International line.  I try to purchase at least one piece from each collection, and I'm anxiously looking forward to their upcoming Tucker collaboration because there are a couple of dresses that I have my eye on.

5. If you had to choose between clothes, shoes, and handbags, which would be your favorite?

That's a no-brainer... SHOES!  Shoes can really make or break an outfit.  A thrift store dress can be instantly elevated with a pair of killer high heels or cool boots.  Conversely, I can't stand it when I see a young woman on the street wearing a great outfit only to ruin it with a pair of flip-flops or rundown shoes. Although I will give a free pass on the flip-flops if she's coming out of the nail salon with a fresh pedicure!

6. What is your absolute favorite thing that you own?

That would have to be the watch that my husband got me for my birthday a couple of years ago.  It has a chunky silver band, almost like a man's wristwatch.  I like it because it's not too dainty, but still looks feminine.  It also has tiny diamonds going around the face that add just the right amount of bling without being too flashy. I've gotten several compliments on it, and I always feel classy and polished when I wear it.

7. How important do you find makeup, nails, accessories to be to an outfit?  What makeup look appeals most to you?

Just like shoes, the right accessories are key to pulling together a look.  It's amazing how you can completely transform an outfit with scarves, belts, and jewelry.  I recently stocked up on vintage scarves at a thrift store, and I'm dying to incorporate them into my wardrobe for fall.  I've been working on it, but I'm still not a big makeup person.  Most days, I just swipe on some lip gloss and mascara and go.  However, I'm a little OCD when it comes to skincare products.  My medicine cabinet is jam-packed with all sorts of lotions, potions and serums to make my skin baby soft and blemish free.  I prefer natural ingredients, so my favorite products are from Lush and Sabon to keep my skin healthy and glowing.  I'm very particular about my nails and do my best to get manicures once or twice per month.  In between salon visits, I keep them neatly trimmed and polished with either a nail brightener or a soft pink that matches my natural nail color. Occasionally, I do experiment with bolder colors and designs, but the natural look is my favorite.

Thank you so much, Kendra!  Great to get to know more about you and your style :)  If you want to read up more on Kendra, be sure to follow her lovely blog! www.closetconfections.com

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