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Dating, Beauty, and Dining Made Easy?

It's a heckuva lot easier these days to look good, eat well, and date on the cheap with all of the social coupon sites popping up like Groupon, Living Social, Daily Referral.  I'm loving it!  Can live the socialite life even on a cheaper budget because there are often massages, pedicures, fine dining, and events posted for like 60% off!   Do you use these sites?

Daily Referral is one of my favorites because you can specify what category of coupons that you want and save businesses to your favorites so that you are alerted when they post new ones.  Most of the other sites you just pick which city and they send you everything from within that city, most of which may not even interest you!

That's why I don't get this generation of guys who seem super lazy with dating.  It's all laid out and made easy by these sorts of deals!  Get a coupon for a show, go-kart racing, mini golf, whatever then one for a restaurant and you're made.  

Are you using sites like this for your outings/treatments/getaways?  What has been your impression of them?

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