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Date Night and Other Looks

I mentioned on Twitter that I was going on a date, so I wanted to update with the "look" that was deemed appropriate for a coffee date and possible movie.  

For makeup, I went with smooth, even toned skin compliments of the MAC Studio Sculpt, dark lined eyes with Urban Decay 24/7 pencil in Zero, pinky glowy cheeks with Nars Taos, and light pink gloss from Victoria's Secret in Angel Food Cake.  

Men who were polled in a couple of magazines that I've read seemed to love a bit of dark liner and mascara to the eyes because it makes them pop and soft color lips, so I played that look for the date. While I love super fun, colorful makeup it's not always the best go!  Lol, no need to confuse the poor lad. 

The outfit was a striped low cut shirt, studded tight belt, jeggings and some flats to get around in this ice/snow. I'm a beauty blogger that hasn't mastered the art of the self timer or capturing my full outfit for posts, so sorry that I don't have a full length look lol.  I'll leave that to the fashionistas or to a time when my brother or mom happen to be around to play photographer :P

As you can see, I wore "Puffy" out on the date because my bff Ashley was oh so kind to twist my hair up into pretty mini twists for protective winter styling!  I didn't want to rock those for the date but I have been wearing them to work everyday and everyone loves them.  They are the closest to locs that I'll ever have and I dig the look.  I'll keep these in for a couple of weeks and maybe have her put in some more to get my hair through this icy weather we call winter. 

Speaking of work, here is a cool makeup look that I did yesterday for the job:

Sometimes I plan a look out but sometimes I literally just dunk my hand into my makeup drawer and use WHATEVER I pull out, lol!  That was one of those days, I like to just play around with stuff and do my own thing.  I ended up with the Sleek palette so I used the purple color all over the eyelid with Too Faced Primer underneath, Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Electric on the lower waterline, Black Radiance Liquid Liner in black on the upper lash line, Sleek blush in Rose Gold, a black lipstick by an off brand at the beauty supply store, and then a purplish pink MAC lipglass over it in Pop Mode.

Lol, my nose was shiny so I covered it with my hands only to notice that my polish was chipping!  I need to get it together for photos!  That color polish was fun though, it's Barry M in Navy covered with Sally Hansen's Rockstar Pink.  I call it my OPI Burlesque look on a Sally Hansen budget!  Got so many compliments on it, so I'd do the look again.  What do you think?

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