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Beauty Blogger Question of the Day: 22-30

Answering these has been fun and I've enjoyed your replies to them as well!  Please leave your answers to the new questions in the comments (or continue to tweet or email me).  

Day 22 — What makes you happy

My favorite songs playing always gets me in a good mood!  Start singing along and forget that I'm having a bad day, just start dancing around the room and having my own impromptu karoake session that I'm sure my mom and brother just LOVE to hear ;)  And hilarious youtube videos like this one: Spoof on Dreamgirls

Day 23 — Place where you want to live

In the US, San Diego because I had a really peaceful time there and it seems like a beautiful place to write my book.  Any city that I live in needs to have SOME body of water nearby, I just love to view it from a window or sit by it and think.  Hence why my school was in Miami, I live in Chicago currently, and loved it in San Diego :)

I'd really love to live overseas as well at some point, Italy was amazing when I traveled there, Spain was simply gorgeous.

Day 24 — Your favorite food

Anything with cheese and carbs!  Lasagna, Queso Fundido, cheese enchiladas, etc 

Day 25 — What do you want to get from luux

Not sure what luux even is

Day 26 — An Item from your wishlist

I am craving a new handbag, haven't had one in forever!  Tired of seeing the ones that I have, lol!  I'd so love a pretty big one.  The one below would be GREAT for my laptop and things (it's so super girly! I <3 it!)

And ya'll know that I love Marilyn Monroe, so this would be fun to carry around:

Day 27 — Your favorite skincare product

Korres Thyme Honey moisturizer!  It's so rich and smooth, I just adore this product and the awesome fragrance of it.  Pure yum. 

Day 28 — Your favorite drink

The sweet tart goodness of a pomegranate martini!  I'll drink any fruit martini, lol.

Day 29 — Photo of something that makes you go awww

TOTAL outfit fail and I don't even like animals especially chimps, but I think that it's a super cute pic and MJ looks adorable here. 

Day 30 — Your favorite nail polish

Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure!  This stuff is fabulous, it improves every polish that I apply it on top of and looks beautiful on its own as well.  It's a thick clear with iridescent foils that can appear to be pink, grey, gold depending on what it's applied on top of and the lighting.  

How would you answer these questions?  Leave your replies!

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